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Ready to go Beyond the Divide?

Experience the power of working closely with the opposite gender.

At home, in school, at work, and in the community - everything works better when men and women work well together. Even in all male and all female environments, gender plays a major role in every interaction. This is an invitation to begin new and powerful interactions with the opposite gender that results in the social and civic change we are all striving for.

Ready to go Beyond the Divide? We can take you there!
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Ready to go Beyond the Divide?Discover strategies that move Beyond the Divide at home, school, and work.Take a closer look at social pressures that make interactions with the opposite gender more difficult than they need to be.Jam packed with real life experiences and thought provoking ideas on how to move beyond limiting gender roles and stereotypes.A refreshingly positive and simple change in perspective that effects a lifetime of behavior.Solutions that everyone can engage in – whether a leader or a team player, an introvert or an extrovert.

Gender Equality in the News

We help men and women work together to overcome gender bias and stereotypes so that they can find solutions that work for everyone.